Sous-vide cooking Vacuum cooking

Low temperature vacuum cooking machines.

The low-temperature cooking of vacuum-packed foods is an innovation in the kitchen. The food is cooked to perfection, tasty, never dry, tender, soft.

Thanks to this type of vacuum or sous-vide cooking, liquids and aromas are not lost and cooking takes place in a uniform and constant manner. The organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the product are maintained due to the low temperatures applied. There is less weight loss and the aromas are not dispersed in the package as it happens in traditional cooking with evaporation. Thanks to the slow cooking, the food remains very soft.

You can cook the dishes vacuum-packed in the special vacuum bags suitable for food use and cooking inside tanks. With vacuum cooking the bags are directly immersed in constantly moving water at a constant temperature. The cooking temperature is lower than the other cooking techniques, while the cooking time is longer.


  1. 1
    FROW25ECO Roner for vacuum cooking
    You Save:
    €322.50 (50%)
    Roner 25 for vacuum cooking. Structure in stainless steel. Ideal for low temperature vacuum cooking. 230V - Power 1.20 Kw - Suitable for all heat-resistant containers capable of holding up to 12 liters
  2. 2
    RH50 Stainless steel sous-vide vacuum cooking structure
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    €650.00 (50%)
    Sous-vide vacuum cooking equipment for low temperature vacuum cooking. Stainless steel structure. It can be inserted by immersion in a 50 liters tank not included. BIN NOT INCLUDED
  3. 3
    SONC25 / 50 Heart Probe for SV25 and RH50 sous-vide machines
    You Save:
    €76.50 (45%)
    Heart probe accessory for Sous-vide fimar vacuum cooking machines.
  4. 4
    SV25 Sous-vide vacuum cooking machine stainless steel tank 25 lt
    You Save:
    €482.50 (50%)
    Electric machine for Sous-vide low temperature vacuum cooking. Structure and tank in stainless steel. Control board with choice of 5 non-preset cooking programs. Display for temperatures. Drain cock with safety valve.